Interview by Karl Donvil with Daniel Beloff (Brazil)

Can you give me your opinion before the show, because I heard there was a little lack of information. What do you have to say about that?

I think that the show was a positive surprise. Very nice show ground, good carpets, clean, everything started on time according to schedule. I could complain about not having electric power to groom the dogs and when we had some they came and cut it. That is something with which we could never agree because this is the a beauty dog show.

They came and cut it? Who did so?

The organization! Annoying, I didn't like it at all. But overall it was a good show, well organized, I could say that I would have liked more specialist judges in each group. I think this is something very important. On a show like this, a European or a World show, you expect to have breed specialists more than in a regular show. But overall it is a good show.

And did you also participate in the National Show?

No, mainly because I didn't know about it. The website wasn't very easy to understand, not to mention some problems to make entries. That is the second negative thing I have to say about the show.

And did you have your papers and so in time?

Yes, I didn't have any problems with that.

And happy about parking and things like that?

Yes, all the organization about this was very good, I can't complain at all, easy to park, easy to get in the venue, no bureaucracy, easy to get in the country with dogs coming from other countries, easy show!

Where did you come from?

I came from Brazil? No problem to come in, good flight to Prague, all ok. This was one of the easiest show ever for me.