Interview with Trine Hage, NKK CEO, by Karl Donvil

Next year Norway will be on term to organise the FCI European Section Show, how do you feel about that?

Oh, we are now looking forward to next year more than ever.

What did you learn about this show ? Is there anything you'd like to copy or you consider a nice idea ?

This year's FCI European Section Show has been fantastic, and we will strive to be as successful next year. This year's event has been very welcoming for both visitors and exhibitors alike and we look forward to giving everyone a welcome as warm as this year.

How many dogs can you handle and how many do you expect?

We are doing a very exciting dress rehearsal in November this year, a training for next year. We have every year an event called "Dogs4all" and we have 14.000 dogs entered for this year.

But you hope a lot more?

Of course, we will strive to exceed that number.

What number would make you happy?

What number? 18.000, 20.000 maybe, hope to be as big as Finland but I don't think so, but we can hope and work.

Can you tell us anything about the venue? What special arrangement will be made ? I remember the good parking area in Denmark, how will it be arranged in Norway?

The convention center has a good parking capacity and there are excellent parking lots nearby. The venue itself is conveniently located and easily accessible by car, train and plain and is located only 10 minutes drive from Oslo Centre. The details about the camping area are not decided yet, but we will give proper information about that in a short time.

Are there special things you'd like to share with us?

I think it is important to know that Norway is a dog-loving country and that it has a long tradition in hosting dog shows. We organised the first international dog show in 1936. We have training in hosting big shows. If you want to stay longer, Oslo is a green city and in September the weather is normally very nice and the evenings are usually wonderful. So it's possible to have a very nice stay in Oslo next year.

That means you don't just invite us only for the show, but for a few extra days ?

We would be happy.

Anything else you'd like to add?

Yes, I'd like to add that this year's "Dogs4all" hosts also the Nordic and Norwegian winner shows. And also that the convention center is very different to this one. It is one big building. It is difficult to compare with this one, but more to the venue in Finland where all the halls are together without a need to go out when going to another hall.